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LongBanShan Industrial Park

YunFeng,SuiChang, Lishui.



Have any Questions?

LongBanShan Industrial Park

YunFeng,SuiChang, Lishui.

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Custom Forging Manufacturer

Who We Are

CXIN FORGING is a forging company located in China and a leading forging parts manufacturer, producing and supplying custom forged parts for various industries, such as automobiles, aerospace, energy, and other fields.

As the superior forging manufacturer in hot die forging and cold forging, CXINFORGING specializes in delivering top-notch forging services tailored to your specific needs. With our rich experience in precision machining, we ensure the highest level of accuracy and quality for your forged components. Whether you require customized designs, superior strength, or tight tolerances, our skilled team is equipped to meet your requirements.

CXINFORGING is committed to providing comprehensive and one-stop solutions from design to final delivery. Our engineers work closely with you to optimize the forging process, lower costs, and enhance product quality. Built on exceptional craftsmanship and efficient production processes, we deliver high-quality, reliable forge parts.

Advantages of CXIN FORGING in Hot Die Forging and Cold Forging

At CXIN FORGING, our commitment to excellence extends across the spectrum of forging processes, with distinct advantages in both Hot Die Forging and Cold Forging.

Advantages of Hot Die Forging Over Other Forging Methods

Advantages in Hot Die Forging:

  • Precision at High Temperatures: Our advanced technology in hot die forging ensures precise control over metal deformation at elevated temperatures, resulting in forged parts with exceptional strength and superior physical properties.
  • Versatility with Various Metals: Hot die forging is applicable to a range of metals, including steel, aluminum, and nickel alloys. CXIN FORGING selects the most suitable metal based on customer requirements, using hot die forging to produce high-quality, wear-resistant forged parts.
  • Complex Geometry Mastery: Leveraging hot die forging, we adeptly handle complex shapes required by industries such as automotive and aerospace. From intricate engine components to turbine blades, CXIN FORGING delivers on the most demanding design specifications.
Cold Forging

Advantages in Cold Forging:

  • Material Efficiency: CXIN FORGING stands out in cold forging, minimizing material usage by eliminating the need for extensive heating. This efficiency not only reduces costs but also aligns with sustainable manufacturing practices.
  • Precision Engineering: Our cold forging capabilities cater to components demanding high dimensional accuracy. CXIN FORGING excels in producing forgings with intricate details, meeting the precision requirements of diverse industries.
  • Strength Without Compromise: Cold forging at CXIN FORGING enhances the strength of forged parts without altering the metal structure, resulting in components with increased wear resistance and extended service life.

What We Do

CxinForging has a die forging production line with 1600T hot die forging press, 1000T hot die forging press, 630T hot die forging press, and 400T hot die forging press as the main machines.

CxinForging has 630 tons of warm extrusion production line, can process under 5 kg of aluminum alloy, carbon steel products, can also be combined with cold forging to do precision forging.

CxinForging has complete cold extrusion, and cold forging die design, manufacturing, and a full range of product development and manufacturing capabilities.

We have a variety of advanced processing equipment, lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, drilling machines and other CNC equipment and advanced CNC machining centers.

Design team can use CAD/CAE and other design software to develop products according to customer requirements, and through Deform simulation software to predict the rationality of the design.

Forging die is used in the process of forging die, raw material in the action of external force in the forging die plastic deformation, so as to get the required shape and size of the parts.


Product Application

CxinForging can supply high strength alloy carbon steel auto forging and lightweight aluminum alloy forging for new energy vehicles, including hot forging, warm forging and cold precision forging

Aluminum alloy and carbon steel forging service for electric bicycle and electric motorcycle parts, including hot forging, warm forging and cold precision forging service.

Due to the strength and wear resistance requirements, hot forging is the main manufacturing method for tractors, harvesters, forest clearing equipment spare parts

Due to high strength and wear resistance requirements, hot forging have always been the main forming methods of core parts of engineering construction and mining machinery.

In addition to cold heading, cold extrusion and warm extrusion are also the main manufacturing methods of hardware fastener blank, especially small batch custom fasteners.

Small deformation and high precision are the basic requirements of many electrical and motor products accessories, Cold forging is the most appropriate processing method for such products.

Material We Forge

Steel forging is employed in the production of various components such as engine parts, gears, bearings, and more, all of which endure substantial stresses and demand the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Aluminum is a lightweight metal with low density. Through the forging process, it can achieve the excellent performance of combining lightweight and high strength. Aluminum forgings are widely used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, electronic equipment, etc.

The most typical characteristics of stainless steel are corrosion resistance and high temperature stability. In addition, stainless steel shows versatility in the forging process and can easily adapt to various geometric shapes and size requirements.

Why Choose Us

IATF 16949 / ISO9001-2015

We have our IATF 16949 and ISO9001-2015 certificate, This ensures our quality, and put us on the same quality level as a larger forging manufacturer..

Advantages in Management Cost

There are a lot of big companies in China, but they can't give you an competitive price. We are a medium-sized precision forging company, so we don't have as much overhead, which gives us a big advantage.

One-Stop Service

We are a medium-sized forging and machining company,because we're not very big,This also contributes to our willingness to provide a more comprehensive service to our customers,We not only provide forging processing services, but also provide finished machining services

Rich Experience in Mold Making & Forged Parts Production

In the realm of forging, experience is paramount. We take pride in our over 20 years of professional experience, which enables us to deliver exceptional forging molds and components. Our team is highly experienced, and each member undergoes rigorous training to ensure you receive top-tier professional service.

Customized Solutions

Every customer is unique, which is why we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. Whatever type of forging mold or component you need, we can provide it. We take pride in our rapid response and flexibility to ensure your needs are met.

On-Time Delivery

Our supply chain management and production processes operate efficiently to ensure your orders are delivered punctually.