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LongBanShan Industrial Park

YunFeng,SuiChang, Lishui.



Have any Questions?

LongBanShan Industrial Park

YunFeng,SuiChang, Lishui.

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About CxinForging

CXIN FORGING is a forging company located in China and a leading forging parts manufacturer, producing and supplying custom forged parts for various industries, such as automobiles, aerospace, energy, and other fields.
As the superior forging manufacturer in hot die forging and cold forging, CXINFORGING specializes in delivering top-notch forging services tailored to your specific needs. With our rich experience in precision machining, we ensure the highest level of accuracy and quality for your forged components. Whether you require customized designs, superior strength, or tight tolerances, our skilled team is equipped to meet your requirements.
CXINFORGING is also built around swift adoption and response to customers’ needs. Our commitment is to ensure that we adjust our forging process within the quickest turnaround time to deliver to our customer’s specific needs and satisfaction.

Our Mission

CXINFORGING is committed to providing comprehensive and one-stop solutions from design to final delivery. Our engineers work closely with you to optimize the forging process, lower costs, and enhance product quality. Built on exceptional craftsmanship and efficient production processes, we deliver high-quality, reliable forge parts.
Our mission is to create a better future for our customers as well as the community at large. We adhere to and promote values of safety, integrity, learning, continuous improvement, and collaboration to ensure that we are pushing forging technology to the limits. All this is geared towards maximum user satisfaction at all times and, more so, the affordability of forging parts.

Our Company Commitment/Why Choose Us

CXINFORGING is dedicated to customer satisfaction by ensuring you are receiving quality products and services. We offer our customers:

All kinds of Forging Technical

Whether you need cold, hot, and warm or Composite precision forging technical assistance, our team of forging engineers is always ready to help. We boast of having the best and most experienced forging experts in this industry.

Customized Solutions

Every customer is unique, which is why we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. Whatever type of forging mold or component you need, we can provide it. We take pride in our rapid response and flexibility to ensure we meet your needs.

Rich Experience in Mold Making & Forged Parts Production

In the realm of forging, experience is paramount. We take pride in our over 20 years of professional experience, which enables us to deliver exceptional forging molds and components. Our team is highly experienced, and each member undergoes rigorous training to ensure you receive top-tier professional service.

A vast inventory of forgings

We boast of offering our customers and suppliers a vast inventory of forging products. CXINFORGING is your one-stop forging shop. We provide not only forging processing services but also finished machining services.

On-Time Delivery

Our supply chain management and production processes operate efficiently to ensure your orders are delivered punctually. Once the delivery date has been set, we always ensure that we have delivered as promised.

IATF 16949 / ISO9001-2015

We have our IATF 16949 and ISO9001-2015 certificate. This ensures our quality and puts us on the same quality level as a larger forging manufacturer

Our History

By 2021, we have a production workshop of 7,000 square meters, more than 60 workers in the workshop, 15 technicians, one hot forging, warm forging and cold forging production lines, 30 CNC machining centers, and passed the IS09001 certification, and obtained the evaluation of China’s high-tech enterprises.