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LongBanShan Industrial Park

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LongBanShan Industrial Park

YunFeng,SuiChang, Lishui.

Application Of Forgings In Agriculture, Forestry And Wood Grinder
Application Of Forgings In Agriculture Forestry And Wood Grinder

Application Of Forgings In Agriculture, Forestry And Wood Grinder

Since its establishment, CXIN Forging has provided high-quality, precision-designed forged and machined parts for the agriculture, forestry, wood grinding, and crushing industries. Under the leadership of our skilled and experienced workforce, we manufacture parts with the strength and durability that your agricultural equipment deserves.

We have established long-term partnerships with some of the largest and most respected agricultural, forestry, waste wood grinding, and crushing companies in the world. We provide these industry leaders with a variety of forged steel parts, including professional flail hammers, connecting rod parts, gear teeth, tillage parts, harvester blade guard, silage processing equipment, and lifting deck eye bolts holders, and adaptors.

We also provide weeds and farming hand tool forgings, etc. Our forging products can be applied to the following common pieces of equipment:

Tractor, in agriculture, is one of the most versatile vehicles to have ever been invented. They have increasingly become almost indispensable machinery in the agricultural industry. The modern agricultural tractor can be used for a range of tasks, including pulling equipment such as plows, cultivators, and mowers. This has been the three major areas where these pieces of equipment have been used for decades.
With advancing technology and the need for multi-purpose machinery, tractors are now being designed to be used in powering stationary devices such as saws and winches. They are also being used to push snowplows and earth-moving implements. They are can also be used for pull carts to transport products and other machines from one place to the other on the farms.

A combine harvester refers to a machine that can complete various operations such as harvesting, threshing, separation, and cleaning of grains at the same time, and finally obtain clean grains. These machines harvester generally consists of a harvesting table, a threshing system (including threshing, separation, and grain cleaning devices), conveying, rotating, walking devices, grain compartments, and operating mechanisms.

Using a combine harvester can greatly increase labor productivity and reduce labor intensity. It can be divided into traction type, self-propelled type, and suspension type according to different power configuration modes. At CXIN Forging, we are forging a range of combine harvester parts.

Forestry mulching is a more eco-friendly way to clear your land of any unwanted brush and trees by eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment and having to haul the brush off-site or burn it.

After the forestry mulcher goes through vegetation, it leaves a shredded mulch that will break down, allowing nutrients back into the soil. The mulched area can now usually be maintained by mowing once vegetation starts to grow again.

Forestry cleaning machinery mainly includes forestry mulcher, forestry tiller, stone crusher, stump cutter, and other equipment. We are forging most of their parts.

As production waste, wood accumulates in many companies, from woodworking companies to packaging industries. By producing uniform particles from residual wood, an economically viable secondary fuel can be obtained. For example, this will be used in the following areas: company wood chip firing applications, biogas plant, and combined heat and power plant, as well as the woodblocks manufacturing.

Waste wood processing equipment mainly includes wood grinders, wood shredders, wood chippers, and other equipment. Regardless of the machine, shredding cover wood or chips is quite a challenge. Machine parts need to be particularly strong and sturdy. We provide solutions for high-strength wear-resistant forgings specially designed for such difficult applications.

CXIN Forging has been supplying high-quality, precision-engineered forged and machined components to waste wood processing industries. We supply the industry with various steel forged components, including gear teeth, tillage components, silage handling equipment, cultivating hand tools, and much more.

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Agricultural Tracto
Mulching Land Clearing
Waste Wood Processing

Agricultural/Forestry Metal Manufacturing and Metal Forming

Heavy-duty agricultural and forestry environmental protection crushing machinery requires durable metal components and parts that can withstand excessive workload requirements. High-quality agricultural metal parts manufacturing ensures that your agricultural equipment and machinery can meet your work needs.

CXIN Forging understands the requirements and needs of agricultural and forestry environmental protection crushing equipment and has cooperated with some of these equipment manufacturers. We know the importance of having reliable accessories. We provide high-strength and super wear-resistant forging products, which can maintain the efficient operation of your equipment and obtain the best economic benefits.

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