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Application Of Industrial Robots In Automated Forging Production Lines

Application Of Industrial Robots In Automated Forging Production Lines

The growing application of the forging technology is leading to other support technologies to address various challenges. One of the biggest innovations is the invention of the automated forging production lines. The aim of this advanced technology is to address health issues associated with forging. They include exposure to high temperature, dust, vibration, and noise, among many others.

Automated forging production is making use of industrial robots. Apart from the health issues, the use of robots is also reducing the cost of labor, which makes forged products cheaper. We are going to look at how the application of industrial robots to achieve automated forging production works.

Equipment Configuration and Automation Processes for the Production Line

The configuration of the automated process is not that different from the human-run system. The forging system remains almost the same, but the only difference is the application of industrial robots. There are things you need to get right to achieve a flexible, automated forging press production.

Automated configuration of the production line

The automated production line depends upon the number of things, and one of them is the capacity. The size of products you want to make is an important factor when designing an automated production line.

The number of industrial robots needed to automate the production line depends on the number of functions. In a typical setting, the number of industrial robots to complete a forging production line is five. The layout may differ depending on the product. However, since most of the forged products have almost the same forming process, the robot layout will almost be the same.

Industrial Robot Configuration

The robot configuration is a crucial factor to consider when buying the robot for the automated production line. The robot load needs to be larger to allow for effective movements. You need to work with the load of material you want to work on.

The most recommended configuration is a robot load that is 35kg above the product you want to forge. However, for a larger ranger of forging automated production lines that can handle almost all kinds forging, a 210 kg robot load works perfectly. It is the most comprehensive configuration for almost all forms of forging.

 Automated processes for the production line

The automation of the production line is carried out using special computer programs. The preset procedures run the entire system with a press of the button. However, it is important to ensure proper planning of the process before making the program to ensure an error-free and organized production line.

The robot should take the billet from the heating furnace to the roller forging machine. The material then goes to the forging press and to all the press stations automatically. The whole process of the finished product should be automatic.

Automated Control System

The automated production line will run smoothly with an effective control system. This system makes the individual equipment run effectively and integrates the interactive signals between various equipment in the line. That is what makes an effectively working system.

Automation System Structure

The automated system structure contains several components. Being a computerized system, you need a central CPU controller, communication module, and data acquisition unit, among many other components. There are various network structures you can select from.

The automation system should have a safety door lock, an emergency safety stop, and other safety devices. This is to prevent damages in case the program misbehaves or there are damages along the forging process. Light alarm signal or sound are some of the safety measures widely used. The program should have the robots enter the fault state in case of a system failure.

Working Modes

A good automated production line should have both automated and manual working. Both modes should be easy to activate whenever needed. The importance of manual mode is because of the maintenance of the system. In case the automated system jams and you have to work, you can revert to manual production.


The use of industrial robots for automating forging is a bit complex due to the long forging processes. You require paying a lot of attention to produce an organized and effective working system. Professionalism is crucial for an effective system. Though the initial cost might be high, an automated system can reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency.

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