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LongBanShan Industrial Park

YunFeng,SuiChang, Lishui.

EBike Parts / Electric Motorcycle Parts
Application Of Forging In Bicycles And Motorcycles

EBike Parts/Electric Motorcycle Parts

The adoption of the forging process in the metal manufacturing industry has skyrocketed over the past few decades. Forging is a metal-forming technology gaining traction in the metal manufacturing industry due to its ease of producing complex-shaped parts with high rigidity and strength. It also produces cheaper components than other forming processes like machining, casting, etc.

With the forging technology growing rapidly and companies CXIN Forging producing highly competitive forged products, forging might be the future. Already, CXIN Forging is providing a range of manufacturers with high-quality and affordable forgings.

Forging - Ideal choice for Manufacturing eBike Parts & Electric Motorcycle Parts

Forging technology achieves high rigidity and strength while reducing overall weight. This makes it an ideal choice for the production of electric bike and motorcycle parts with sturdy and lightweight performance. Here are other reasons why electric bicycles and electric motorcycle manufacturers are going forging.

Application Of Forging In Bicycles And Motorcycles

High-Strength, High-Precision and High-Performance Parts

Forging produces high-strength, high-precision and high-performance components, such as frames, wheels and handlebars. So higher strength, better surface quality and higher precision are easily achievable through the forging process, thereby improving the reliability and durability of components.

Saves Material and Reduces Production Costs

How Are Motorcycle Parts Made

Compared with traditional casting and machining processes, forging is more efficient in terms of material utilization. It can produce lighter, thinner, and stronger parts and still avoid forging materials waste, thereby reducing production costs. That’s why forged parts are cheaper.

Improves production efficiency and realizes mass production

Once the forging setup is in place, the production of thousands of homogenous components within a short period is a possibility. With the rapid growth of the electric bicycle and electric motorcycle market, there is a need for a large number of components to meet the market demand. Forging technology can achieve mass production, thereby improving production efficiency and output and providing a stable supply for the market.

Since CXIN Forging was founded, forging has been applied to the production of eBike parts and electric motorcycle parts. With our advanced forging technology, we can therefore provide a large number of lightweight, high-strength precision parts for a large number of eBike and electric motorcycle manufacturers.

How CXIN Forging Forge eBike Parts or Electric Motorcycle Parts- (Forging Process)

Material Selection

At first, we will select the appropriate material according to customer requirements as well as design requirements. Most after-sales products for e-bikes and electric motorcycles are made of aluminum or steel alloys. Aluminum is highly valued for its lightweight strength and natural non-corrosive properties. While steel, although heavier, gets a lot of appreciation for its durability and strength. Because of these factors, aluminum and steel are usually the materials of choice for the manufacturing of electric bike and motorcycle parts (from handlebars to fuel tanks, wheels to forks) in the aftermarket.

Heating and Forging

After the selected material heats to the appropriate temperature, the next step is the precise forging operation. This is through professional forging equipment and technology. The shape and structure of the material are changed by hammering and pressure, and finally, the desired part is made.

Subsequent Treatment

After forging, the parts need to undergo subsequent treatment, such as quenching, annealing, sandblasting, polishing and other processes. These processes help to improve the strength, toughness and surface quality of the parts.

Quality Inspection

Finally, the quality inspection of parts is carried out, and various tests and inspection methods are used to check whether the dimensions, strength, surface quality and other indicators of parts meet the requirements.

Through the above process and steps, we deliver high-quality and reliable forged eBikes and electric motorcycle parts that meet customers’ and market needs.

 Precision forgings, state-of-the-art CNC finishing, and advanced heat treatment technology make CXIN Forging’s forgings perfect for eBikes or electric motorcycles. Our flywheels, cranks, connecting plates, connecting rods, and all matching accessories have adopted the same dedication and engineering design.

 CXIN Forging is a professional forging company in China. We can provide a large number of lightweight, high-strength precision parts, including customized forged steel or aluminum parts, for the eBike and electric motorcycle industry. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us!